Congresswoman Susan W. Brooks

Representing the 5th District of Indiana
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BROOKS, TROTT Introduce Legislation to Safeguard Americans’ Healthcare Technology During National Cyber Security Awareness Month

Oct 5, 2017
News Releases

Washington, D.C. – Today, during National Health IT Week, U.S. Representatives Susan Brooks (R-IN05) and Dave Trott (R-MI11) introduced the Internet of Medical Things Resilience Partnership Act, which creates a public-private stakeholder partnership to lay out a cybersecurity framework to protect protects Americans’ sensitive healthcare information from cyber-attacks.

“There are millions of medical devices susceptible to cyber-attacks and often times, we are wearing these networked technologies or even have them imbedded in our bodies,” said Rep. Brooks. “Bad actors are not only looking to access sensitive information, but they are also trying to manipulate device functionality. This can lead to life-threatening cyber-attacks on devices ranging from monitors and infusion pumps, to ventilators and radiological technologies. As the number of connected medical devices continue to grow, so does the urgency to establish guidelines for how to prevent these kinds of dangerous attacks. It is essential to provide a framework for companies and consumers to follow so we can ensure that the medical devices countless Americans rely on and systems that keep track of our health data are protected. I am proud to introduce a bill with my colleague Rep. Trott that brings together public and private sector counterparts to address potential vulnerabilities of medical technologies.”

“The age of innovation has spurred technological advances that affect each and every corner of our lives from our smartphones to our cars,” said Rep. Trott. “In our nation’s hospitals, technology has helped provide better quality and more efficient health care, but the perpetual evolution of technology – its greatest strength – is also its greatest vulnerability. Since 2009, the health care data of over 127 million Americans has been compromised by cyber criminals, and existing security frameworks continue to leave this information vulnerable by failing to adapt to technological innovation. Today, during National Health IT Week, Rep. Brooks and I introduced legislation that would develop a robust yet malleable framework to protect Americans’ most sensitive medical information.”

The Internet of Medical Things Resilience Partnership Act creates a public-private stakeholder partnership to lay out a cybersecurity framework which protects Americans’ sensitive healthcare information from cyber-attacks. This partnership collects and centralizes all existing, relevant cybersecurity standards, guidelines, frameworks, and best practices, identified the current high-priority gaps and problems, and pinpoints actionable solutions while providing a framework for IoMT developers for which to reference. 

National Health IT Week is a nationwide awareness week focused on the value of health care IT. It is an independent week made up of partner-driven events offering healthcare stakeholders an opportunity to united under one banner, one message: the benefits health information technology can bring to U.S. health care. October is also National Cyber Security Awareness Month, which is an annual campaign to raise awareness about the importance of cybersecurity.