Congresswoman Susan W. Brooks

Representing the 5th District of Indiana
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Brooks: Farm Bill Provides Necessary Stability

Jan 29, 2014
News Releases

Congresswoman Susan W. Brooks (R-IN5) released the following statement after voting in favor of the Farm Bill:

“This bill is the product of tough negotiations between the House of Representatives and the Senate and represents a step in the right direction for an American economy that depends on our agricultural community.

The new Farm Bill increases funding for priorities like crop insurance while still decreasing overall mandatory spending by $23 billion. This includes $8 billion dollars in cuts to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) through smart reforms that prevent system abuse by enrollees and wasteful spending by program administrators. House Republicans have also placed a priority on pilot programs that will encourage food stamp recipients to find jobs, increase their net income and move away from public assistance.

Farmers in my district have repeatedly told me they need the stability a new Farm Bill will provide. Today's vote reflects my commitment to listening to the concerns of my constituents and addressing their needs. The Hoosier agricultural industry feeds people across the world and deserves a policy framework that provides the security necessary to succeed.”

Savings in the bill are achieved by eliminating or consolidating over 100 United States Department of Agriculture programs, reforming the direct-payment program and closing common loopholes in the SNAP program.

The bill strengthens crop insurance and also increases access to capital for small businesses and beginning farmers and ranchers. To learn more, click here