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Terrorism Talk With Indiana's Susan Brooks and Facebook's CEO

Apr 11, 2018
In The News

WASHINGTON, D.C.--While some U.S. House members questioned Facebook about privacy issues, with many not understanding how the social media site, which has been around for more than 12 years, works, Indiana's Rep. Susan Brooks (R), asked about how Facebook is stopping terrorists from using it as a recruitment tool.

Facebook's role in cutting out terrorist propaganda

Brooks was allowed four minutes for a Q&A during the House testimony from Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerburg, Wednesday afternoon.

"We do believe that it's critically important for you to be a leader in these solutions," said Brooks, at the beginning of her conversation with Zuckerburg. "One thing that's been talked about just very little, but I think is very important, how you help us keep this country safe from terrorists."

Brooks said she has talked with many people who are concerned about "recruitment of their younger family members" to terrorist organizations.

"What is Facebook's leadership role in helping us fight terrorism and helping us stop the recruitment?" asked Brooks.

The 200 people

"Terrorist content and propaganda has no place in our network," said Zuckerburg, who said the network has over 200 people who are actively looking for terrorist content and taking it down. He said their role is combined with artificial intelligence tools that seek it out and take it down before it's reported.

"As recently as March 29, ISIS content was discovered on Facebook, which included an execution video," countered Brooks. "On April 9, there were five pages located of Hezbollah content. I appreciate that no system is perfect. But, this is within just a week."

"It's a combination of technology and people. We have a counter-terrorism team at Facebook," said Zuckerburg.

"How large is it?" asked Brooks.

"Two hundred people. I think we have capacity in 30 languages that we're working on. And, in addition to that, we have a number of AI tools that we're developing, like the ones that I mentioned, that can proactively go flag the content." responded Zuckerburg.

Zuckerburg said Facebook is actively developing systems that can ID patterns of terrorist communication, so that the network's people and machinery can take it down.

He testified in front of the Senate Tuesday, about privacy issues.