Congresswoman Susan W. Brooks

Representing the 5th District of Indiana
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Rep. Susan Brooks says Trump sending strong message

Apr 17, 2017
In The News

ANDERSON – Events last week indicate that President Donald Trump is sending a strong message to ISIS and North Korea about terrorism, U.S. Rep. Susan Brooks said.

Brooks, R-5th District, was in Anderson on Monday to tour the Purdue Polytechnic Institute during Congress' April recess.

“President Trump has said from the beginning that he was going to be very focused on destroying ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria),” she said. “That’s what the 'mother of all bombing' was about. Destroying ISIS tunnels and capabilities and, I think, hopefully sending a message to ISIS that we’re going to be tracking them down in the Middle East and wherever they might be.”

Brooks said the president also wants to make sure ISIS doesn’t grow and expand in the U.S.

Concerning the growing tensions in North Korea, Brooks said it has been a volatile and dangerous situation in Asia for many years.

“We haven’t sent a strong enough message to North Korea that they cannot and should not be developing their nuclear capabilities,” she said. “I’m glad that Vice President (Mike) Pence is there reassuring our allies. I was in Japan in March and they are extremely concerned about North Korea’s capabilities and what they can do to the people of Japan.”

Brooks said the U.S. has a military base in South Korea and must make sure our soldiers and sailors are protected there as well.

“The strong conversation that Secretary of State (Rex) Tillerson is having with leaders like Russian President Putin and others is important. He’s telling them you have to step up and help us stop what’s happening in Syria and make sure what China’s influence can and should be on North Korea.”

Brooks said that kind of diplomacy is critically important to make sure those world leaders are involved in solving the problems as well.

“It’s not just the U.S.,” she said. “The president is doing it in a wise way by working with other leaders.”

Concerning reform of the nation’s health care system, Brooks is hopeful health care reform will be finalized this year.

“There are discussions continuing to happen,” she said. “Something I’ve heard from some constituents is they want us to take our time and get it right.

“People want to see significant reforms made, they want to see work continue on driving down premiums, increasing competition and that people don’t lose their health care coverage.”

Brooks said she remains focused on people with pre-existing conditions that they don’t see premiums increased to provide the necessary coverage.

“There is some consideration to forming a federal high risk pool,” she said. “High risk pools have worked in many states after passage of the ACA (Affordable Care Act. What do the high risk pools look like, those discussions will continue.”