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My first Women4Change meeting

Feb 8, 2017
In The News

My first Women4Change meeting was last night at St. Luke's . There were about 1,500 people there and reservations filled up over a month ago. They looked into getting an alternate place to take in overflow, but logistics proved difficult, so did not. They stressed several times that it was bipartisan, but my guess is at least 90 percent were liberal, probably more. There were several representatives there, and some sent an aide, including Susan Brooks, so at least one Republican. Mayor Joe Hogsett was there and spoke, in addition to a few other introductory speakers.

The main purpose was to introduce the 4 different task forces that would begin working separately from the main group. Those were Dignity and Safety, Mentoring and Empowering ( helping more women run for office, is one of their goals, ) Inclusion and Civility, and Reforming and Restrictiring Gerrymandering. After the first hour, We broke into groups to discuss what the next steps would be. Each subset group set future meetings.

There were also booths outside to gather information on a variety of issues, such as sexual assault, LGBTQ, Planned Parenthood, helping to assimilate refugees into the community, etc. Everyone was given a list of some important upcoming laws and numbers to call. I have no idea if my group will be a worthwhile use of my time or not, but I think it holds a lot of promise. There were at least two other meetings in Central Indiana last night that I know of, similar in purpose. At the least, it feels like doing something besides just donating money and making phone calls. At the most, it might actually make a difference.

Two more notes, while there were women of all different ages, there was not as much diversity as I had hoped, and that was one of the topics, on how to get more minorities involved. A smattering, but not a large group. Also, can't tell you how many women I heard saying they had never done anything political in their life, but they felt compelled to do so now. This feels like something big, and I was very pleased at how positive it was. Just thought some of you might be interested in this, since you probably think all I do is complain on here. Let me know if anyone you know would like more information.