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Representing the 5th District of Indiana
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Carson, Brooks Join Bipartisan Call for Investigation of Russian Election Interference

Dec 13, 2016
In The News

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. -- Two of Indiana's Representatives in the U.S. House are backing an investigation of Russian meddling in the presidential election.

Indiana Democrat Andre Carson serves on the House Intelligence Committee. He says the committee needs to review the apparent Russian hack of Democratic email systems, not so much to look back at the election as to make sure the Trump administration doesn't ignore the threat from Russia. He says the nomination of ExxonMobil CEO Rex Tillerson for secretary of state is another worrisome sign that Trump is minimizing the danger of Russia reasserting itself on the world stage.

Carson says he doesn't see a need for a special investigative committee. He says the House and Senate Intelligence Committees have the resource to handle the probe themselves.

Republican Susan Brooks says Congress needs to investigate to guarantee the integrity of American elections.